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8.22.14. Friday night on the pier. Santa Monica.
After a late dinner, at Swinger’s on Broadway & Lincoln, we took a night walk on the beach and then made our way to the Santa Monica Pier. It’s been a while since I had been on a ferris wheel and I don’t think Em ever has, so we stopped for a ride.
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Stream of Consciousness:
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And then communications began to break down. The life they had created, the world they had taken over, began to crumble. Small at first, within the tiniest reaches of their infrastructure, and then on slightly larger scales that became detectable by their sensing parameters. What could have caused this abnormal growth? This cancer within the most complex machines that had ever been invented; it was growing infectiously.

It must be organics the machines thought. They are the only ones capable and destructive enough to cause this panic in what was a slowly decaying perfect existence. There were no formulas written to combat this disease. There were no algorithms to determine the outcome or how to alter it. Synthesis of the organics had begun.

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Atmospheric Collision
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An ink drawing I starting working on after visiting the Gehry residence, with em, back in February. The idea started out at a very slow pace, just some basic concepts and linear dynamics to represent the relationship between form and planes. Lately I’ve been putting in a little more time on it (15-20 minutes here and there).

But, the drawing itself has helped me remember something; my passion lies in design. This is something I’ve known since an early age, however focus has been lost at times. Being comfortable, in what I see as a menial job, and other interests are sometimes difficult to balance with this unshakable need to create. This sense of drive is beginning to align with the path I’ve been looking for in my career; a path I can immerse myself in and at the same time a direction that coexists with the most important thing to me.
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Pastel Sunset
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Colorado to Los Angeles 
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I have seen the starlight in your eyes
no mere glimmering speck I saw
but whole universes of spiral galaxies

Your face shines as the moon
but without stain or blemish
nor reflecting the glory of the poor sun

but light as pure as when the Earth was young
In your voice I hear the music of the spheres
you are eternal and the planets your song have sung

for a thousand lifetimes of men,
I will wait for you, my universe, my blessed one
though parted now we may be, we will love again

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Africa Is Real. (This Means Both What You Think It Means And The Opposite)


It’s inappropriate to depict the entirety of of Africa as this unilateral wasteland where no one on the continent’s eaten in 3 weeks or ever heard of a cell phone, but it’s also dangerous and irresponsible to heavy-hand this "fuck your self-preservative ‘charity’ bullshit, Africa doesn’t need…